Air Defense

C4 solution for distributed mobile air defense and integration of all sensor and weapon products.


CWS-Flex is an air defense C4 application optimized for distributed and/or mobile air defense systems. The system is designed to provide centralized control and de-centralized execution. Roles and permissions of the individual users are managed and controlled through user/role logins.

Terma specializes in integrating different weapons and sensors for air defense in a wireless radio-based IP network. The disciplines include:

  • Real-time performance; when operating with air defense systems, it is required that target data and other information are exchanged between weapons, sensors, and command posts in real-time in order to obtain timely, correct engagement.
  • Safety; is an issue of its own when delivering air defense C3I systems used for weapon control and firings. Terma has a documented track record of being capable of delivering C4 systems that can be approved for weapon control and firings.
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS); The C4 systems delivered by Terma do include measures that ensure that engagement data and other vital data for conducting air defense is continuously forwarded between weapons, sensors, and command posts. The QoS scheme includes mechanisms that in case of single failures ensure that the C4 system can continue to operate.

Our ground-based air defense system, CWS-Flex, is based on an open and flexible system architecture; it supports customer-specified tailoring of the operational configuration and offers a high degree of freedom in the selection of weapons and sensors.

OC with three work stations


  • Real-time performance, fulfilling the requirements demanded by the weapons and sensors for interaction and data exchange
  • Connects to all radar products; legacy, new, or a mix integrated in a tactical network
  • Connects to all weapon products; legacy, new, or a mix integrated in a tactical network
  • Computer aided surveillance, which reduces operator workload and risk of mistakes
  • Automatic and semi-automatic tools, taiolored to support the operators
  • User and role configurable, which enables personalized screen and menus.


Key CWS-Flex system features:

  • Track Management; Forms total situational picture based on information received from all available sensors and data links. Manages radar tracks, radar plots jam strobes, and EW-lines.
  • Airspace Management; Provides fully integrated airspace management capability to the system.
  • Threat Evaluation; Automated and smart continuous evaluation of complex situations: Evaluates the threat of all target candidates (hostile tracks) in the situation picture, repeating at short intervals to form a prioritized target list for threat engagement.
  • Engagement Planning; Automated planning of optimal weapon assignment to optimize coverage, endurance, and time of engagement: Calculates an engagement plan defining which threats shall be engaged by which weapons.
  • Weapon Allocation; Allocates the optimal weapon based on a correlation of the engagement plan and the current threat evaluation status.

Generic Platform
All Terma's C4 systems are built on the same generic platform, T-Core, thus ensuring that all the products utilize and are based on the latest developments within C4 systems. The use of one single platform also ensures that the Terma C4 systems are based on well-proven, tested, and fielded technologies with a high degree of sturdiness.