Airport Surface Movement Radar

The only airport ground surveillance radar sensor operational in more than 140 major airports throughout the world.


Airport Ground Surveillance

For more than 60 years, Terma has been a leading and preferred Primary Sensor supplier to non-cooperative surveillance solutions such as A-SMGCS. Our references comprise more than 400 systems installed at international airports on all continents. Terma SCANTER radars secure safe transportation of passengers and cargo from the time the aircraft has landed until is it safely parked and ready to unload. Terma's latest generation of high-tech solutions and products are developed and designed for use in extreme environments and situations.

Enhanced SMR 

The traditional ground movement radar has been the primary sensor providing surveillance input for Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS) with reference to e.g. the EUROCAE ED-116.

The flexibility of software-defined radar systems and advances in digital signal processing now allow for processing more information. This improves the situational awareness capability significantly within the same physical envelope.

To learn more about enhanced SMR (eSMR) please visit our dedicated tab (Enhanced SMR (eSMR)

The SCANTER 5502/5602 is an X-band, Solid State, 2D, fully coherent pulse compression radar with software-defined functionality. 

The outstanding capabilities of the SCANTER 5502/5602 ensure reliable detection of very small targets and produce an overall clear, well-defined, high-resolution radar image of the coverage area, day and night and in all weather conditions.

The SMR features surveillance capabilities in accordance with ICAO 9476-AN-927:

  • Radar monitoring of traffic on the maneuvering area.
  • Routing instructions to surface traffic using the radar-displayed information, to avoid points of traffic congestion and select aircraft routes to maintain traffic flow.
  • Issuance of instructions to hold short at intersections to avoid traffic conflicts.
  • Information that a runway is clear of other traffic, particularly in periods of low visibility.
  • Assistance in timing of runway operations to improve runway utilization while avoiding conflicts with departing and arriving aircraft.
  • On request, guidance information to an aircraft uncertain of its position.
  • Guidance information to emergency vehicles.  

A-SMGCS integration

The SCANTER 5502/5602 networks in an IP-Network structure and is designed to integrate and form part of an airport A-SMGCS performing single- or multi-sensor operation.

Airport Traffic at Gardermoen Airport

Built-in video- and clutter processing optimizes for subsequent target tracking. Remote transceiver control and monitoring with distributed radar images are available for integration in third-party platforms. Static clutter map allows for remote update and map communality. Frequency planning within the X-band (9000 – 9500 MHz) can be performed to adapt to local requirements or to solve interference problems. 

SCANTER 5505/5602 is fully EUROCAE ED-116, EUROCONTROL and WMO compliant. 

Aerodrome Traffic Awareness

Terma has introduced an Embedded Plot Extractor and Tracker in the SCANTER
environment as well as the new add-on feature Aerodrome Traffic Awareness.

Terma is the first and only manufacturer to deliver a 2-in-1 solution.

The Aerodrome Traffic Awareness is an add-on to the well-known SMR application. It enables detection and tracking of descending aircraft up to 5 NM from the radar as well as detecting and tracking non-transponder low-level unidentified flying objects around the airport.

Operational Benefits

Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) do not provide coverage below 2-300 m. These radars might also have a limited view to the descending aircraft due to buildings or blind zones.

Moreover, a correlation in the A-SMGCS between the SSR and SMR makes it possible automatically to transfer the label before landing to save time later when ground traffic might be heavy. Aerodrome Traffic Awareness provides the industry standard output and can be fed immediately into e.g. the A-SMGCS and presented for the ATCs.

Embedded Tracker

Aerodrome Traffic Awareness is based on Terma’s embedded tracker. The tracker is knowledge-based and developed based on years of intensive product development and frequent tests with all kinds of targets utilizing an Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) with multiple interacting extended Kalman filters.

The tracker has been tested in a number of countries and in many weather conditions, on ground based as well as on moving platforms.

Key Benefits


  • Embedded Terma Tracker with ASTERIX cat. 10 output
  • Latest technology on the Market including making the product ready for
    the future
  • Improved performance through increased resolution and improved target
    detection, in all weather conditions
  • Flexibility in frequency planning and adjustment of transmitted power
    leading to low susceptibility to interference
  • Remote Access over LAN
  • Swift integration into A-SMGCS due to open architecture and processed
    digital radar video output
  • Pulse Compression leading to low power transmission (50W peak/10W
  • Frequency Diversity with 4 simultaneous frequencies in the air
  • Power Sector transmission incl. Sector blanking (Prohibit), Transmit  or reduced power in up to 16 sectors
  • Superior Situation Awareness
  • Built-in BITE
  • Low Maintenance cost and High MTBF figures
  • Service Display with the processed digital radar video on top of a Google

Aerodrome traffic awareness

  • New innovative add-on to SCANTER in the Market for Airport Radars
  • 2-in-1 solution not compromising the 60 RPM for a SMR
  • Detecting and tracking of non-transponder low-level unidentified flying
  • State-of-the-art Knowledge-based Embedded tracker
  • ASTERIX cat. 10 (Surface) and cat. 034/048 (Air)
  • Digital output over LAN

Operational availability

With all new land based radars, Terma provides a Service Certificate. The certificate is your guarantee for clearly defined service levels and guaranteed performance at no extra cost during warranty period.

Aerodrome Traffic Awareness



SMR Surface Movement Radar, Embedded Tracker, Full Coherence, Frequency diversity

Easy A-SMGCS integration with Industry Standard Interfaces

Programmable frequencies within 9.0-9.5 GHz

Up to 16 sub-bands


  • 50 W & 200 W - SSPA, meeting ICAO & EUROCAE ED-116 recommendations
  • 0-20 kW - equivalent pulse power, programmable, also in sectors
  • 0-80 kW - equivalent pulse power, programmable, also in sectors

Digital sampling on IF, ≥ 140 dB amplitude span of
signals handled

Range cell size: 3 m
Range cell size: 1.5 m

Embedded Tracker, Open architecture, wall/bulkhead mounted, ruggedized housing

Temperature-controlled, environmental enclosure for up-mast mounting

Optional 2-in-1 Aerodrome
Traffic Awareness solution with Surface & Air Tracking simultaneously

External Interfaces
Digital & Analog processed video and IP network radar signals

Control and monitoring via IP network/Serial communication ports

21' High Gain Linear Array, Circularly Polarized, Fan Beam or Inverse Cosec², Dual encoders, 60RPM

IEC 60068, IEC 60529, IEC 61000,ITU-R SM 1541, ICAO 1987, EUROCAE ED-116

Schweschat airport, Vienna, Austria


Enhanced SMR (eSMR)


SCANTER eSMR; enhanced primary surveillance for the A-SMGCS.

Key benefits

  • High update rate, 1 second as opposed to 5 seconds typically. Approach corridor surveillance Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) gap filler, providing simultaneous coverage of movements on the ground and near the aerodrome by adding Doppler processing (air channel).
  •  Accurate, high precision, approach corridor surveillance allowing positive confirmation of correct runway alignment for inbound traffic.
  • Improved detection and tracking in high clutter density areas e.g. infield grass areas and along runway edges.
  • Possible detection and classification of various moving targets, including birds, within and above the aerodrome maneuvering area.
  • Embedded Plot extraction- and tracking fully independent of the A-SMGCS backend system with radar video in standard ASTERIX format.