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Terma is a company in the aerospace, defense and security industry. We deliver products and services both in times of peace and in times of conflict and war, and along with this comes a special obligation to behave responsibly. We are very conscious of this responsibility. It is a key focus for us, and it’s further emphasized in our vision of securing people through advanced technology.

In May 2020, some media questioned Terma’s commitment to human rights in connection with sales to the United Arab Emirates. As always and also in this case, we adhere to the Danish export control rules, which are among the toughest in the EU.

Terma relies on the due diligence performed by the authorities when applying for export licenses. Export controls are based on international cooperation for the purpose of maintaining peace and security. They are the legal rules, which regulate the export of products and technologies which have or could have a military application, with the purpose of ensuring that such strategic products or technologies are not exported to the wrong users.

Export license decisions are solely made by the Danish authorities based on foreign and security policy considerations and adherence to international guidelines and export control commitments (EU, UN, OSCE). Authorization for exports is among other things based on respect for human rights and humanitarian law, and preservation of regional peace, security and stability in the country of final destination.

Terma is committed to working with human rights and the UN Guiding Principles as emphasized in our CSR Roadmap & Report, as well as in our CSR strategy "Allies in Responsibility" launched in March 2020.

As part of our work with human rights and the UN Guiding Principles, we will conduct due diligence and impact assessments to identify potential human rights risks and impacts.

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In Terma we hold the belief that we play a significant role in improving our world – both by providing the technologies we develop and by conducting our business in a sustainable way.
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