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Lockheed Martin Internship

Are you looking for an experience of a lifetime?

Unique opportunity

Are you looking for an experience of a lifetime, with immense opportunities for both personal and professional development, and are you ready to spend 5 months at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ impressive production facility at either its Fort Worth, Texas or Marietta, Georgia location? Then make sure to apply for becoming one of our next interns.

The program is open to engineering students enrolled at a Danish university and currently studying for their Master’s degree within materials- and/or production technology. The internship is paid and runs from January 2021 until June 2021. You will be part of a group of 11-13 interns who will travel and live together, so strong interpersonal skills and the ability to share a fridge, bathroom, and cleaning duties will come in handy.

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The challenge

Engineering student? We offer the internship of a lifetime. Get ready to have your career kickstarted with this unique internship at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas. Here, you will have the opportunity to work on the fighter jet of tomorrow, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

Forming the backbone of many of the world’s future air forces, the F-35 multirole fighter aircraft is to be produced in numbers exceeding 3,500. Take part in the massive engineering challenge of increasing production rate, improving workflow, and securing quality to ensure delivery, dependability, and cost reduction with global impact.

Offering internships within three disciplines of engineering, Terma and Lockheed Martin accept applications from students interested in Manufacturing and Quality Engineering.

In addition to experiencing one of the most advanced production lines in the aerospace industry, you will learn from the best as you participate in projects, complete courses, interact with mechanics and fellow engineers, and interact directly with the aircraft. Apply for this internship to learn skills beyond those taught in the classroom.

You as a person

With the internship being based in the US, you are of course fully proficient in English, both oral and written. You will be exposed to the international culture of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics as well as being a part of the local community, and the opportunities for cultural and social experiences will only be limited by your own interest, ability to have an open mind, and engage with new people.

Working within the security industry, it is also important that you have a sound understanding of the importance of company procedures and when to ask before acting.

The internship

The dynamic and innovative aerospace industry is where attention to detail, high requirements, safety, and attention to cost are the keywords.

Manufacturing Engineering / Rate Transition

As a manufacturing engineer intern in the Rate Transition (Wing) department, you will use your creativity and engineering skills to develop solutions to improve workflow and production rate through close dialog with the mechanics. As the production rate of the F-35 continues to increase to full rate production, the production line needs to be transformed and streamlined to keep up with the demand of the customers.

In this position, you will be a member of the team transforming the advanced automotive-style production line to accommodate the increasing production rate of aircraft. You will come up with solutions to make the work stations and work flows more efficient, e.g. by designing special tools for the mechanics.

"t doesn’t get better than this! At least not if you’re a mechanical engineer. Machines, materials, and designs as you never seen them before. The F-35 is the most advanced aircraft in the world, and getting to be a part of building it is an amazing experience."

Trugvi Kristiansen

Rate Transition (Wing), 2016

Quality Engineering

Put your analytical engineering skills to the test in the Quality Engineering (Wing Assembly) or Quality Engineering (Final Assembly) department. You will conduct big data processing, discover trends, uncover root causes, and create solutions to reduce rework hours and defects – all with the goal to reduce the price of the aircraft. You will also have the opportunity to do lab experiments to obtain statistical data on solutions.

As a quality engineer intern, you will get close up with the aircraft and get hands-on experience with the future fighter jet of the Royal Danish Air Force.

"Although being a hard-core numerical simulation kind-of-guy, I was able to apply my skills to real-life problems and get an understanding of how knowledge learnt at school is connected to the industry. "

Thor Andersen

Quality Engineering (Wing Assembly), 2015

Quality Technologies

Quality Technology (QualTech) is a new, multidisciplinary department that investigates how to apply new innovative technology to quality assurance to reduce inspection time. Examples include the development of drones (aerial, snakes, crawlers) that can inspect aircraft for defects using machine learning, 3D-printing of tools, and much more. You will work with mechanics on the production floor and in other engineering teams to transform their needs into new solutions.

You will get the chance to combine mechatronics, programming, and CAD to develop and test solutions for the future of aircraft quality inspection – from idea to actual impact on the production.

Internship reports: Quality Technologies

"As an intern with the Quality Technologies team at Lockheed Martin Aero, I have been an integrated part of the engineering team working on the advanced F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. In researching, developing and implementing new, innovative technologies for quality control, I have carried out projects from novel idea to actual impact on production. "

Jesper Lund

Quality Technologies, 2018


Application process

  1. March - April: Application (online via terma.com) – include CV, application, and grades
  2. May: Screening
  3. May: Personal interview with Terma
  4. May - June: Phone interview with Lockheed Martin (3 Managers from the departments in scope for the internship)
  5. June - July: Contract incl. application for security clearance
  6. July - November: VISA application
  7. November: Information meeting and visit to Terma in Lystrup and Grenaa
  8. November - December: Visit to U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen
  9. January: Travel to the U.S., start of internship
  10. June: End of internship
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Send your application

We look forward to receiving your application in English, including your CV, grades transcript and picture when our recruitment starts.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Merete Damm-Aunsbjørn

Senior Director, HR Development

Merete Damm-Aunsbjørn