Allies in innovation

We deliver advanced technologies to keep people safe. These can be on land, at sea, in the air or in space.
What we do

Provider of Security

We offer advanced technology and services for a range of specific application areas. On an organizational and operational level, we help you be prepared to protect.

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F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) Lockheed Martin

Global Supplier to F-35 Lightning II

We are a major supplier to the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter), the World's largest industrial project, and deliver more than +80 composite, metal, and electronics parts to this advanced fifth-generation fighter jet.
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Working at Terma

Join the diligent

When working with mission-critical solutions, the devil is most certainly in the detail. At Terma, you will join a team that works diligently to help alliances, countries, and organizations protect people and assets.

A career in Terma


Where failure is not an option, collaboration is the only option. At Terma, building alliances is in our DNA. We make it a strategic goal to excel in partnerships on all levels. Meet some of our partners here.

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Who we are

Terma in brief

Terma is a global company owned by a commercial foundation and with roots in Denmark. We develop, manufacture and service solutions, and provide advice to customers around the world.

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Latest news

Undersøgelse af Termas eksport Undersøgelse af Termas eksport

Changes to the Terma Board of Directors

New Chairman of Board is appointed and two new members join the Board of Directors. They will formally be welcomed at the Annual General Meeting on May 25.

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2022 TA Company3 IMG 6588 2022 TA Company3 IMG 6588

Terma is awarded Transatlantic Company of the Year by AmCham

AmCham has recognized Terma as the winner of the 2022 Transatlantic Company of the Year at the Transatlantic Summit. The award, which highlights the important contributions of Danish companies investing in the U.S., is promoted in partnership with the American-Danish Business Council in Washington.

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ASIM moved to a new place on the International Space station ASIM moved to a new place on the International Space station

ASIM has been moved to a new place on the International Space Station

The Danish-led space instrument ASIM, has been so successful that it has now been given a new place on the International Space Station (ISS). The instrument has been shown to detect rare radiations that affect the chemistry of the atmosphere and influence the Earth's climate.

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