Self-Protection Systems

Terma is a leading Electronic Warfare (EW) systems integrator with close to 30 years' experience in providing combat proven survivability solutions on more than 2,500 frontline fighter, transport, and rotary-wing aircraft.

Terma offers customer-tailored EW solutions utilizing our unique ALQ-213 controller which is able to control and integrate any combination of sensors and countermeasures systems on any type of aircraft and make these subsystems work as one integrated system.

self-protection-solutions-box Self-Protection Solutions The ALQ-213 controller is the only solution offering commonality and common software across the aircraft fleet. Electronic Warfare Management System - box Electronic Warfare Management Systems Terma offers a total Electronic Warfare management package that provide our customers with the ultimate freedom of choice. C-130J Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System Coordinates, integrates, and operates expendable countermeasures payloads on fixed-wing fighter and transport aircraft and helicopters. SAS CMDS Smart Agile Secure CMDS Leverages the Advanced Countermeasure Dispenser capabilities to provide a solution for all aircraft with system integrity and protection measures.
electronic-warfare-displays_box Electronic Warfare Displays Full color multifunction threat display for all types of military aircraft. Applied-Aero-Structures-box Applied Aerostructures Terma has the competences and in-house manufacturing facilities to develop, qualify, and deliver structural solutions tailored for specific aircraft. GSE - box Ground Support Equipment We believe that the best prepared equipment provides the best aircraft survivability. Our ground support equipment is dedicated to enable the best preparation of equipment. mission-support-systems_box Mission Support Systems Enhanced in-flight and ground support solutions.