Electronic Warfare Displays

Full color multifunction threat display for all types of military aircraft.


A family of self-protection system situational awareness displays for fast jets, helicopters, and transport aircraft. The Advanced Threat Display (ATD) is a 3ATI dedicated self-protection display with the capability of providing a real-time correlated threat environment picture to the pilot. 

Advanced Threat Display


Terma's ATD family is designed based on a modular concept allowing for tailored integrated configurations with different electrical data interfaces and front bezels to accommodate for optimal installation in specific cockpit environments.  

Terma's ATD










The modular concept of the ATD


The ATD utilizes the latest technology power PC controller design for advanced display functions. The ATD operates both as a standard display, as intelligent display with data interface to third-party equipment, and even as controller for e.g. countermeasures and/or Missile Warning Systems.

Terma's ATD is fielded across platforms on AH-64D, CH-47D&F, C-160, AS532, C-295, F-16, P-8 and E-737. 

Apache AH-64D