Electronic Warfare Solutions for Fighters

Since 1985, Terma has provided cost-effective integrated Electronic Warfare solutions for many fighter platforms worldwide.


Our reference list includes F-16 A/B/C/D/MLU and Blk 60, A-10 Thunderbolt, Tornado: UK, GR4 and GAF, IDS, Harrier GR9, and F-111 C/G.

The solutions for fighter aircraft comprise both integration of specific subsystems such as countermeasures dispensers/Missile Warning Systems (MWS) and complete EW suites with controller, display, Radar Warning Receiver, Electronic Countermeasures, Countermeasures Dispenser System, and MWS.  


We Provide Qualified and Certified System Solutions
Our platform solutions are all certified: SEEK EAGLE for F-16, Panavia for Tornado, National Certification for others. Terma has the competence and experience in qualifying and certifying complete self-protection solutions on fighter platforms.

Flexible Solutions where the Customer is not Confined to a Single EW Supplier
As the Terma solutions integrate most EW subsystems, we offer the customer maximum flexibility in selection of EW systems - both for performance and commonality reasons.

Affordable Self-Protection Solutions with Minimal Airframe Changes
We strive to develop cost-effective solutions and have been successful in integrating additional dispensers, Missile Warning Systems, and jammers with minimum changes to the airframe both in podded and pylon-based solutions.

We Add Survivability Capabilities by Using the Existing Airframe
Our modular product portfolio supports customer requirements and provides them with the "Best in Class" survivability. Our integrated solutions are hosted in existing pylons or tailored pod solutions depending on aircraft platform. Especially on legacy platforms, podded or pylon-based solutions offer both price and schedule benefits while retaining performance parameters. 

Affordable self-protection solutions with minimal airframe changes (image courtesy: FLVFOT)


We Provide Integrated Solutions
Our EW equipment is installed on more than 2,500 fighter platforms with the ALQ-213 as the EW controller.

The ALQ-213 functions both as an EW controller with sensor fusion and intelligent decision making - and a "firewall" between the aircraft mission computer and EW subsystems. The ALQ-213 can operate as a stand-alone EW controller or as part of a MultiFunction Display (MFD) set-up with the pilot-vehicle interface via the MFDs.

As the ALQ-213 manages all EW subsystems, only very limited interface to the platform is required. This makes our solutions very attractive for retrofit programs where aircraft modifications typically are desired to be minimal. 

Since 1985, Terma has provided cost-effective integrated Electronic Warfare solutions for many fighter platforms worldwide (image courtesy: FLVFOT)