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High-Resolution, Software-Based Transceivers

At Terma, our radar transceiver solutions are modular, versatile and scalable. They are born and designed for seamless integration with third-party systems.

All-Weather and Future-Ready Transceivers

As a leading radar supplier, we continuously surpass increased requirements for capable and reliable radar sensor systems. We invest in developing adaptable and cost-effective transceivers that are ready for the future of situational awareness.

With our transceiver solutions, you have the capability of high resolution small target detection at short and long-range at your disposal. The solution is adaptable to all weather scenarios and environments, and includes market-leading clutter suppression of rain, waves and wind turbines.

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Benefit From Features Such As:

  • Frequency Diversity
  • Versatile and Scalable (modular)
  • Simultaneous Air & Surface coverage (detection and tracking)
  • Low total cost of ownership with COTS military grade products and high standard service agreements
  • Upgradeable – our radar solutions are continuously improved and new capabilities developed

Discover Our Capabilities

Low Clutter — Clear Radar Vision in Any Weather and Any Environment

With our flexible transceiver solutions, you receive clear radar images regardless of environmental factors and weather . Furthermore, the high-resolution clutter suppression technology enables the utmost clarity and a high degree of vigilance.

Unsurpassed Small Target Detection at Long Ranges

No target will go undetected with our high resolution and large dynamic range. With the flexible and varied transceiver solutions you can solve your exact request, whether those needs are seeing a small uncooperative vessel hiding near a large container ship (as within vessel traffic or naval surveillance) or spotting targets at long range.

Flexible Integration with Third-Party Systems

By investing in a Terma radar solution, you are prepared for the future. Our Air & Surface radars are software-based and allow for flexible integration with 3rd party systems through a large range of peripheral interfaces.

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Radar Systems

Bespoke Solutions to Meet Your Exact Radar Antenna Needs

Regardless of whether or not you fully know your radar requirements, team up with a leading radar supplier and find the antenna solution that will best meet your needs.

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Related Solutions

Our transceiver solutions are creating value in the following areas.

Terma SCANTER Coastal Surveillance Golden Gate Bridge

VTS and Coastal Surveillance

From entry level to system surpassing the recommendations of IALA advanced, we have the radar solution to meet your needs. This includes down-mast as well as upmast transceivers that can be placed close to the antenna, to minimize waveguide run between the antenna and the transceiver.
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Sunset at airport Arne V. Petersen - Copenhagen Airport

Airport Surface Movement Radar

Our SCANTER radars secure safe transportation of passengers and cargo from the aircraft’s landing until it is safely parked.
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Aerial of nuclear power plant on California coast Ron Chapple Stock

Critical Infrastructure

Within Wide Area Protection for airports and other critical infrastructure, our transceivers are part of the larger goal of an optimized situational picture.
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Wind Farm, Tehachapi, California, United States

Wind Farms

Wind turbines can cause significant disturbance to airport surveillance radars. The aviation lights from the wind turbines can be a nuisance for close by neighbors for both issues we have a proven radar system solution.
Wind Farms
3A Hero Banner Terma Naval Solutions

Naval Radar Surveillance

Our high-performance radar solutions with small target detection in rough weather conditions are available in various models to fit your need – whether it is for helicopter approach, man-over-board or long-range surveillance. Our radar transceivers are deployed by navies throughout the world.
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