Prepare to protect

With years of experience, unique capabilities, and modern production facilities, we offer highly specialized and reliable technology for aircraft.
How to protect people, assets and sovereignty

Advanced aerostructures, audio systems, airborne electronics, and electronic warfare solutions

Protecting people, assets and sovereignty from the sky requires constant diligence. Any airborne operation requires absolute confidence that your aircraft is safe and secure.

With Terma, you get an ally in innovation. We develop advanced aerostructures, audio systems, airborne electronics, and electronic warfare solutions designed to support your missions. On an organizational and operational level, we make sure you are prepared to provide protection from the sky.

AIR Termablue

World-class production facilities allow us to deliver cost-efficient quality composites and electronics

Years of expertise and a deep understanding of the complex aerostructures. We deliver tailored solutions for any platform

Leading developer of end-to-end audio systems that help enhance aircrews’ performance

5B C 130J Hercules Flares Terma EW Royal Danish Air Force
Eletronic Warfare

Secure Your Warfighters, Your Aircraft and Your Nation

Keeping warfighters and assets safe is a matter of national security. Combat-proven technology is the only choice, and in modern warfare the fine balance between automated protection and pilot control is key.
Electronic Warfare solutions
5C Pilot In F 16 Cockpit Terma 3D Audio Royal Danish Air Force

Never Miss a Critical Radio Call

Enhance cockpit situational awareness and crew survivability by reducing noise and increasing speech intelligibility, preventing critical communications from being stepped on or lost in background noise.
Audio solutions
F 35 Tone (1) Lockheed Martin

A One-Stop-Shop for Aerostructures

When searching for the highest quality in advanced aerostructures and alternate mission equipment (AME), even minor details can have a huge impact. That is why we keep our entire production line under one roof: to keep quality assurance and cost on a tight leash.
Aerostructures solutions