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One-Stop-Shop for Aerostructures

Quality assurance and cost on a tight leash.

Aerostructures that Meet the Highest Quality Requirements

With more than 50 years of aerostructures manufacturing experience, we have gained the ability to meet your most stringent technical requirements while avoiding the pitfalls that often cause delays.

Choosing an inexperienced supplier adds risk to your company’s supply chain in terms of both quality and on-time delivery (OTD), which in turn highly affect the cost of your project. Our firm commitment to quality and on-time delivery has won us numerous supplier awards including, more recently, a prestigious Lockheed Martin F-35 supplier award. With our highly trained and experienced engineering staff and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, we produce composite and metal aerostructures for fifth-generation fighters, business jets, rotorcraft, and missiles.


State of the art production facility tailored to the production of the most advanced composite and metal aerostructures on the market today. Our parts meet the most stringent tolerances.

Key supplier to the F-35 Program with over 80 part numbers. Products include pods, pylons, tail skins, fuselage panels, leading edges and engine components.

Expert in pylon and pod production with 15,000 pylons delivered to the U.S. Air Force and other customers all over the world.

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Global supplier to F-35 lightning II

We are a major supplier to the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter), the World's largest industrial project, and deliver more than 80 composite, metal, and electronics parts to this advanced fifth-generation fighter jet.
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Experts in Lightweight Structures

Saving weight on aircraft parts makes a fundamental difference for performance.

Lightweight structures are the door-opener for more mission-specific payload, like extra fuel and additional weapons.

At Terma, we have our own engineering department capable of doing advanced stress calculations. One of our strengths is designing, redesigning and producing lightweight structures, which includes taking existing metal parts and assemblies and replacing them with a lower-weight composite solution. We have redesigned existing parts and achieved weight reduction results of more than 50%.

The performance of an aircraft is highly affected by its materials. Combining the right materials into effective composites builds the foundation for an aircraft that perfectly balances weight, speed, stiffness and other parameters that are essential to achieving ideal performance.

At Terma, we have more than 50 years of experience that make us your convenient one-stop-shop for advanced composite and metallic aerostructures, including alternate mission equipment (AME).

In-house Manufacturing of All Parts

At Terma, we are vertically integrated and handle all manufacturing processes in-house. In addition, we have our own design engineers who are capable of developing aerostructures designed for functionality, strength and weight reduction.

A one-stop-shop for advanced composite and metal aerostructures, including Alternate Mission Equipment (AME), eases both the project management workload and keeps quality on a tight leash. We believe that having fewer layers in the supply chain significantly decreases the risk of errors and delays.

At Terma, we handle all manufacturing processes in-house. In addition, we have our own design engineers who are capable of developing aerostructures designed for functionality, strength and weight reduction.

Solutions for Aerostructures

Since 1969, we have consistently set new standards for the aerostructures industry, where engineering precision, ingenuity and quality are paramount for safety.

17B Terma Advanced Aerostructures F 35 Lockheed Martin
Advanced Aerostructures

Optimize Performance with Composites

We provide commercial and military clients with advanced, high-performance composites and metal aerostructures for use on a wide range of platforms including fighter jets, rotorcraft and missiles.
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Alternate Mission Equipment (AME)

In-house Customization of Your Aircraft

We have the capability and in-house engineering and manufacturing facilities to develop, qualify, deliver, and integrate structural solutions such as pods and pylons tailored specifically to your aircraft.
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Certificates and Customer Process Approvals

At Terma, we can confidently showcase that we hold the widely adopted and standardized certificates of quality (AS9100 and ISO 9001), Nadcap accreditations for composites and non-destructive testing (NDT), NATO AQAP 2110 Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production as well as EASA Part 21 Airworthiness and Environmental Certification and a wide range of customer process approvals. We are the first and only Danish company with Nadcap accreditations and joins an elite group of composite companies, delivering state-of-the-art composite parts and complex bonded assemblies.

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Support & Services

Life-long Service & Support

We support our customers during the product life cycle to maximize availability, enhance product lifetime, and optimize cost of ownership.

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Allies in Aerostructures

We are collaborating with a wide range of companies to develop and manufacture highly optimized structural solutions. Our allies include:


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