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Self-protection systems

Combat proven survivability solutions on more than 2,500 frontline fighter, transport, and rotary-wing aircraft.

Electronic Warfare management systems

We offer a total Electronic Warfare management package consisting of coherent and cost-effective solutions that provide our customers with the ultimate freedom of choice.

In collaboration with a large number of end users and aircraft manufacturers, the performance and capabilities of our Electronic Warfare Management System (EWMS) have continuously been expanded over the past two decades. Today, the system represents the most common and mature Electronic Warfare management system in the market.

F 16 On The Ground Selfprotection Royal Danish Air Force

One Coherent System Solution

The Electronic Warfare Management System manages all subsystems (Sensors and effectors) automatically and displays alerts, status, etc. as one coherent system instead of a number of individual subsystems.
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Cost-Effective Solutions

Our management system is unique in the sense that, on one hand, it creates an integrated systems solution, but on the other hand, it does not need to be tightly integrated into the aircraft's main control software. This means low integration costs as well as increased flexibility for the users.

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Electronic Warfare Controllers

The Electronic Warfare Controller ALQ-213 product family is the core unit of our integrated Electronic Warfare Management System solutions. As a subsystem and aircraft independent system, the ALQ-213 integrates individual subsystems (sensors and effectors) into one combined system. The pilot has one single interface to all self-protection subsystems which results in increased survivability and reduced stress on the pilot in critical situations.

Commonality across Platforms

The uniqueness of the ALQ-213 family of controllers is that the same product can be used across a mixed fleet of aircraft (fighters, helicopters, and fixed wing transport aircraft) because the products have been developed for generic solutions rather than dedicated platforms.

Freedom of Choice

The ALQ-213 allows for integration of any EW subsystem (Radar-, Missile-, Laser Warning, Direct InfraRed CounterMeasures systems, Jammers, Decoys, and Dispensers) enabling us to deliver the solution that best meet operational requirements and budget.

A Total EW Package

As a mature product, the ALQ-213 product family comes with all necessary tools supporting all phases of the flight from planning, recording, training, and analysis for continuous optimization of the operational performance.

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Electronic Warfare Displays

Full color multifunction threat display for all types of military aircraft.

A family of self-protection system situational awareness displays for fast jets, helicopters, and transport aircraft. The Advanced Threat Display (ATD) is a 3ATI dedicated self-protection display with the capability of providing a real-time correlated threat environment picture to the pilot. 

Our ATD family is designed based on a modular concept allowing for tailored integrated configurations with different electrical data interfaces and front bezels to accommodate for optimal installation in specific cockpit environments.  

The ATD utilizes the latest technology power PC controller design for advanced display functions. The ATD operates both as a standard display, as intelligent display with data interface to third-party equipment, and even as controller for e.g. countermeasures and/or Missile Warning Systems.

The ATD is fielded across platforms on AH-64D, CH-47D&F, C-160, AS532, C-295, F-16, P-8 and E-737. 


Self-protection solutions

The EWMS solution is the only solution offering commonality and common software across the aircraft fleet. We have delivered solutions all over the world utilizing our fast responding and experienzed organization and modular product portfolio enabling us to develop, qualify, and deliver custom-tailored self-protection installations within 3-6 months.

F 16 Moens Klint Front Hojformat Royal Danish Air Force

For fighters

Our reference list includes F-16 A/B/C/D/MLU and Blk 60, A-10 Thunderbolt, Tornado: UK, GR4 and GAF, IDS, Harrier GR9, and F-111 C/G. The solutions for fighter aircraft comprise both integration of specific subsystems such as countermeasures dispensers/Missile Warning Systems (MWS) and complete EW suites with controller, display, Radar Warning Receiver, Electronic Countermeasures, Countermeasures Dispenser System, and MWS.

We Provide Qualified and Certified System Solutions

Our platform solutions are all certified: SEEK EAGLE for F-16, Panavia for Tornado, National Certification for others. Terma has the competence and experience in qualifying and certifying complete self-protection solutions on fighter platforms.

Flexible Solutions where the Customer is not Confined to a Single EW Supplier

As the Terma solutions integrate most EW subsystems, we offer the customer maximum flexibility in selection of EW systems - both for performance and commonality reasons.

Affordable Self-Protection Solutions with Minimal Airframe Changes

We strive to develop cost-effective solutions and have been successful in integrating additional dispensers, Missile Warning Systems, and jammers with minimum changes to the airframe both in podded and pylon-based solutions.

We Add Survivability Capabilities by Using the Existing Airframe
Our modular product portfolio supports customer requirements and provides them with the "Best in Class" survivability. Our integrated solutions are hosted in existing pylons or tailored pod solutions depending on aircraft platform. Especially on legacy platforms, podded or pylon-based solutions offer both price and schedule benefits while retaining performance parameters. 

We Provide Integrated Solutions
Our EW equipment is installed on more than 2,500 fighter platforms with the ALQ-213 as the EW controller.

The ALQ-213 functions both as an EW controller with sensor fusion and intelligent decision making - and a "firewall" between the aircraft mission computer and EW subsystems. The ALQ-213 can operate as a stand-alone EW controller or as part of a MultiFunction Display (MFD) set-up with the pilot-vehicle interface via the MFDs.

As the ALQ-213 manages all EW subsystems, only very limited interface to the platform is required. This makes our solutions very attractive for retrofit programs where aircraft modifications typically are desired to be minimal. 


For rotary-wing aircraft

Our Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (MASE) solution offers low cost, low risk, and combat proven solutions for rotary-wing aircraft.

MASE offers the ideal self-protection solution against heat-seeking missiles for medium and large helicopter platforms while at the same time improving the pilot's situational awareness. The MASE solution is fielded on AH-64D, CH-47D/F, AS-532, EH-101, HH-60G, Mi17, and Mi24 platforms. 

For small and light helicopter platforms, we offer the Light Aircraft Survivability Equipment (LASE) concept which is a unique light-weight "stand-alone" system that enables non-complex integrations onto helicopter platforms and yet provides effective protection against threats from infrared guided missiles. LASE is offered with a compact dispenser solution tailored for any light helicopter utilizing either pod or scab-on concept.  

Our Unique Pod Concept Supports Multi-Role Configurations

Based on specific operational and mission requirements, our pod solution supports role-fit for e.g. tactical troop transport, combat support, Search and Rescue, as well as anti-submarine warfare.

Our Solutions are Lightweight and Cost-Effective

We strive to deliver lightweight solutions that offer the most effective self-protection solution for the specific aircraft. The ALQ-213 controller family is based on a modular concept tailored for light, medium and large helicopter platforms. The advantages of a pod solution as compared to a fuselage mounted solution are lower cost, faster implementation, and more flexibility, because pods can be rotated within the fleet.

Commonality across Fleet

Both our pod solutions and the ALQ-213 products can be used across fleets using the same hardware and software architecture. This reduces lifetime support costs significantly.

"Best in Class" Survivability Solutions

We have more than 25 years of experience in optimizing Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment positions to provide the most efficient 360 degree coverage. We perform extensive analysis for the specific aircraft platform to optimize the installation of countermeasures and Electronic Warfare (EW) sensors to obtain optimal self-protection coverage.

Pod Concept

The LASE/MASE pod solutions are based on a number of standardized modules dedicated to a number of different defensive aids subsystems. The pod contains forward and aft missile warning sensors, forward firing flare magazines, and lateral flare dispenser magazines. All modules are mechanically interchangeable, which enables future upgrades simply by replacing the affected modules; for instance the pod interface/lateral Countermeasure Dispenser System (CMDS) module may be replaced by a Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) module just as Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI), Laser Warning Receiver (LWR), Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), and/or Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) systems may be added.

LASE/MASE Electronic Warfare Suite

The LASE/MASE Electronic Warfare Suite is controlled and integrated by Terma's AN/ALQ-213(V) Electronic Warfare Management System (EWMS) and typically consists of a Missile Warning System (MWS), e.g. AAR-60 including Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Terma's Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACMDS) which in a typical configuration caters for 120 1x1x8 pr 60 2x128 standard NATO payloads.

Operating LASE/MASE

The EWMS can be operated in full automatic mode where optimum dispense programs are automatically initiated to counter threats detected by the sensor system(s), but can also be operated in manual and semi-automatic mode. Consolidated EW display information may either be provided on the Terma threat display or on the aircraft's multifunctional displays. The EWMS furthermore provides extensive embedded training capabilities including simulated MWS/RWR performance, also for simulation of non-installed EW-subsystems, virtual multi-threat scenarios, simulated countermeasures, and recording of pilot response. 

C 130J Flyopvisning FSNKAR PTS Royal Danish Air Force

For Wide-body and special mission aircraft

We offer highly efficient integrated survivability solutions for large aircraft. We focus on delivering affordable solutions that create commonality across the fleet.

Our self-protection systems (SPS) provide affordable and scalable combat proven solutions for the operators. Our systems are especially suitable for wide-body and special mission aircraft, where different requirements ranging from the bare minimum affordable solution for a cargo plane to the advanced high-end solution for entering into critical missions.

Further, specific requirements for the busy cockpit, i.e. automatic modes and adaptation to existing cockpit operation philosophy, are an embedded part of our systems.  

Fully Integrated Solutions

We integrate all SPS functionality, control, and display into the existing cockpit panels and adapt to the same operating philosophy as in the existing cockpit. Or we can provide a dedicated single-point display and control panel covering the entire SPS installation.

Highly Efficient Solutions

We provide optimized and affordable solutions by providing pods and other applied aerostructures to optimize sensor locations and countermeasures position and firing angles.

Advanced Added Capabilities

Besides control integration and consolidated threat display, our solutions provide added capabilities;

  • Embeded training; Threat environment simulation and pilot training
  • Organic Recording; Recording of entire environment including all threat detection, pilot actions, and aircraft position and -attitude. Ideal for aircrew debriefing and threat scenario analysis
  • Electronic Combat Adaptive Processor (ECAP, i.e. automatic threat response) supports the aircrew on selecting the optimal countermeasure in a given threat environment.

Commonality across Fleet

We integrate your preferred systems on the aircraft - providing commonality with existing fleet systems. This significantly reduces inventory costs, staff requirements, and overall lifetime support costs.  

Cockpit Integration

The complex cockpit of a large aircraft requires a high degree of integration to achieve ease of operation and minimize pilot workload. The ALQ-213-based self-protection system (SPS) can be integrated using existing cockpit displays, heads-up displays, and control panels by adapting to existing interfaces in the mission architecture. We have successfully adapted to third-party systems and provided full cockpit integration with a minimum of changes to the existing mission architecture.

Optionally, our system provides for using a dedicated SPS display for consolidating all threat and status information and all system controls into one panel. Terma provides the Advanced Tactical Threat Display that meets this requirement and can be installed in a single or multiple display configuration. Or our system can adapt to third-party federated display(s).

Effective and Optimized Solutions
Protection of a wide-body aircraft with multiple hot-spots (engines) and a large footprint requires a system that provides timely warning and effective threat countering. Our adaptable solutions provide means to install and integrate sensors and countermeasures in the most optimal way. Our podded and aerostructures solutions provide optimum sensor locations and dispense locations/directions. Further, podded solutions are an affordable and quick solution to gain additional dispenser capability on the aircraft to provide the best protection against modern threats.

The ALQ-213 controller is the core of a SPS integration and provides all industry standard interfaces to integrate sensor and countermeasures systems into the core.

Added Capabilities

A major benefit of integrating SPS subsystems is to have the full overview of the actual combat environment. The ALQ-213 provides the full consolidated situational awareness overview to the aircrew. With information and control available, the ALQ-213 also provides added capabilities like an "automatic" mode of operation. This is where the automatic threat response function - also designated the Electronic Combat Adaptive Processor (ECAP) - is activated. The ECAP is a programmable tool that is set up to provide the most optimum threat response for the given platform in a given situation. It dramatically increases survivability and reduces reaction time - on top of reducing pilot workload.

Further, with the ALQ-213 as the dedicated SPS controller, Terma provides the Embedded Training provision. This is the most realistically on-board training capability available with the ability to simulate a combat scenario. The Embedded Training capability is a valuable tool that can provide aircrew training while flying long haul missions.

The Organic Recording function provides a recording capability at a system level. This allows for analysis of all sensor data and comparison with aircraft position and -attitude data. The ALQ-213 recording function has been used heavily in combat operations for debrief and intelligence purposes.

Commonality Across Fleet

The benefit of operating and maintaining the same SPS subsystems across a number of different aircraft has been demonstrated by Terma customers throughout the years. The ALQ-213 based integrations provide the flexibility necessary to gain commonality.

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