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We offer support and services for surveillance and mission solutions and advanced flight electronics as well as specialist space engineering services.

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When failure is not an option, we provide services and support that match individual requirements no matter if is radars, aircraft or space engineering.

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Terma Lifecare for ground-based radars

Our SCANTER radars are built on years of experience in protecting borders, airports, harbors, and critical infrastructure. Uninterrupted radar operation is imperative for the continuous operation. This is the reasoning behind Terma Lifecare.
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Terma Lifecare for naval solutions

Our maritime surveillance and mission solutions solve vital tasks onboard vessels. To ensure that adequate service is available, Terma Lifecare service level agreements are built to scale with mission criticality and operational profile to match each individual implementation.
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Biggest Ever F16 Contract Secured Royal Danish Air Force
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Support & Services For Aircraft

We support our customers during the product life cycle to maximize availability, enhance product lifetime, and optimize cost of ownership.
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Specialist Services Space
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Specialist services

We provide specialist engineering support services to space agencies and prime contractors. These include flight dynamics support, operations engineering, AIT/AIV engineering, highly specialized engineering services and IT support.
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