Terma Ground Segment Suite

Terma is a leading supplier of ground system solutions to support satellite missions. Terma has worked with all system components and associated processes for managing, monitoring, and controlling satellites.


The Terma Ground Segment Suite (TGSS) is a comprehensive set of tools that form a complete satellite control system, from satellite testing to operations. This allows the same tool set to be used throughout the whole spacecraft lifecycle.

TGSS is built on more than 30 years of satellite operations and testing experience, and it reflects many years of lessons learned.

The tools are built with industry and de-facto standards and are compatible with other systems.

Through easy-to-use automation, intuitive user interfaces, and customer centric features, TGSS provides a modern performant platform to ensure customers are able to reduce the cost of operations and testing activities without compromising on quality. 

THEOS-1_464GISTDA (Thailand) THEOS-1 Satellite


Satellite Control Systems

At the heart of a ground segment is a satellite control system – this is provided by our CCS5 product. In order to prepare for the operations, our PREP product is used, while STAT processes the data (TM, TC. etc) that is the result of the operations. Interfaces to ground stations are part of CCS5 – for SLE based interfaces, the UNIS product is needed.

Bepi Colombo _in _low _Earth _orbit _464BepiColumbo in low Earth orbit (image courtesy of ESA)


Spacecraft Control Software for single satellites, fleets and constellations

CCS5 is the spacecraft monitor and control product from Terma. A multi-user application that can support single and multiple satellite configurations. CCS5 is used for all phases of spacecraft operations, from operations preparation and launch through to routine operations.

  • Spacecraft control system 
  • Advanced monitoring and control functions 
  • Scalable from cubesats to constellations 
  • Automated operations 

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SLE Interfaces for Ground Stations

uNIS is the gateway between the Spacecraft Control System and Ground Stations, providing means for Telemetry and Telecommands transfer using the CCSDS Space Link Extension services (SLE). uNIS is also used for ground testing applications between the main test system and the TM/TC Front-end Equipment.

  • Ground station interfaces 
  • Provides inter-operability 

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Preparation Tools - database, procedures

  • Spacecraft test and operations preparation 
  • Operations procedures editor 
  • Satellite database tool 
  • Data configuration management


Data Analysis Tool

  • Full mission performance analysis 
  • Trend analysis, anomalies and fault detection 
  • Numerous data export formats

Flight Dynamics

The Flight Dynamics System is based on the orekit product - www.orekit.org, with the visulization of the orbits, antenna, and ground station coverage handled by TRACK.


Rosetta _s _journey _2004_16_464


Flight Dynamics System

Orbit is a multi-mission, multi-spacecraft flight dynamics system. It is designed for automated operations scenarios, providing a wide range of mission configurations from low-earth to geostationary orbits. It is built on the Terma Flight Dynamics framework.

  • Orbit determination 
  • Orbit propagation 
  • Manoeuvre planning 
  • Command generation

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Real-time Graphical Visualization and Analysis of Spacecraft Data.

Track provides accurate, real-time graphical visualisation and analysis of spacecraft in orbit around the Earth and ground stations.

  • Orbit trajectory visualization 
  • Real-time 3D animation 
  • Display includes spacecraft attitude, payload field of view (FOV), swath path 
  • Station visibility (AOS and LOS) 
  • Touch-screen interaction

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Test and Simulation

The core on ESGE is the central checkout systems - this is available in single user (TCS) or multi-user (CCS5) versions. PREP and STAT are used to prepare for testing activities and analyse the results of those tests. TEMU is a processor emulator for a number of flight processors and is at the heart of a Software Validation Facility or an Operational Simulator

Bepi -Colombo -Electrical _stack _configuration _464


Spacecraft Test Software (single user)

TSC is a single user, lightweight version of CCS5 that can be used for a variety of purposes including instrument/payload testing.

  • Single user spacecraft test system 
  • Lightweight and easy to use 
  • Quick installation and setup 
  • Automated test execution 
  • Engineer-friendly test language

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Spacecraft Test Software

CCS5 is the spacecraft checkout product from Terma. A multi-user application that can support single and multiple satellite configurations. CCS5 is used as part of an EGSE for spacecraft assembly and integration testing.

  • Spacecraft test system 
  • AIT from instruments through to complete spacecraft 
  • Automated test execution 
  • Flexible and scalable deployments 
  • Compliant with industry standards 
  • High performance

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Data Analysis Tool

  • Full mission performance analysis 
  • Trend analysis, anomalies and fault detection 
  • Numerous data export formats


High Performance Micro-processor Emulator

TEMU is an advanced micro processor emulator, currently targeted at emulating common processors and devices used in European spacecraft. The emulator is fully capable of emulating multi-core processors.

  • Flight processor emulator 
  • Supports ERC32, LEON2, LEON3, LEON4, ARM 
  • Bundled device models 
  • Flight software debugging 
  • Fast, accurate timing

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Thermal Control and Data Handling

STAMP is a powerful data acquisition, presentation, and control system for conducting large-scale thermal test campaigns. It offers reliability, flexibility, user-friendliness, and a high overall capacity, allowing large teams of operators and customers to efficiently work together on the test.

  • Data acquisition, presentation and control for thermal test campaigns 
  • Advanced data presentation features 
  • User Friendly and intuitive user interface 
  • Supports a wide variety of heaters and data acquisition devices

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Support and Downloads

Support for the Terma Ground Segment Products, including Test and Simulation, is managed through dedicated websites.

Here you can find support information for each product

  • product releases
  • release notes
  • product downloads

For certain items, you may need to be a registered user due to license and export control restrictions.

Go to support and download site for TSC / CCS5, TRACK and TEMU  


The video is a demonstration of CCS5 configured to support a constellation/fleet of 30 satellites, with the visualization provided by the TRACK product.

The simulation of each satellite is quite simple – it is possible to force error conditions, and then run contingency procedures to correct the problem. The satellites are also simulated with inter-satellite links.

This shows both:

  • how the user interacts with the constellation and the satellites in that constellation,
  • how, when an error occurs, it is visualized in a manner easily recognizable to the users so they can immediately start with investigation and corrective actions.





This scenario can also be demonstrated to potential customers.

GIS tgss demo 2