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Learn about our purpose and values

Our purpose

Securing people through advanced technology.

At Terma, we believe that security – the protection of human lives, of countries, and sovereignty – leads to a safer, more prosperous and ultimately more sustainable future. This is what drives us to deliver mission-critical solutions for our partners, customers and end-users around the world. Our long-standing purpose – securing people through advanced technology – has proven more vital than ever in an increasingly complex geopolitical environment where old alliances and certainties are rapidly shifting. In familiar global arenas and in the uniquely challenging environments of the Arctic and outer space, our innovative systems, technologies and strategic partnerships provide citizens, the institutions and organizations that serve them, and the soldiers, sailors and airmen who protect them, with security and stability.

Our values

The primary objective of our values is to secure unity as a global company. The values have been developed to support our corporate strategy and are built on our strong culture.

Act globally

I'm your close ally

Deliver the promise

I keep my promises 

Work with integrity

I'm your teammate 

Learn and improve

I do my best to be world-class 

Show passion

I'm a professional