Electronic Warfare Management Systems

Terma offers a total Electronic Warfare management package consisting of coherent and cost-effective solutions that provide our customers with the ultimate freedom of choice.


The Electronic Warfare Management System (EWMS) ALQ-213 product family is the core system of Terma's integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) systems solutions. As a subsystem and aircraft independent system, the ALQ-213 integrates individual subsystems into one combined system. The pilot has one single interface to all self-protection subsystems which results in increased survivability and reduced stress on the pilot in critical situations.

In collaboration with a large number of end users and aircraft manufacturers, the performance and capabilities of Terma's EWMS have continuously been expanded over the past two decades. Today, the product represents the most common and mature Electronic Warfare management system in the market.


One Coherent System Solution
The ALQ-213 management system manages all subsystems automatically and displays alerts, status, etc. as one coherent system instead of a number of individual subsystems.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Terma's management system is unique in the sense that, on one hand, it creates an integrated systems solution, but on the other hand, it does not need to be tightly integrated into the aircraft's main control software. This means low integration costs as well as increased flexibility for the users.

Commonality across Platforms
The uniqueness of the ALQ-213 family of controllers is that the same product can be used across a mixed fleet of aircraft (fighters, helicopters, and fixed wing transport aircraft) because the products have been developed for generic solutions rather than dedicated platforms.

Freedom of Choice
The ALQ-213 allows for integration of any EW subsystem (Radar-, Missile-, Laser Warning, Direct InfraRed CounterMeasures systems, Jammers, Decoys, and Dispensers) enabling us to deliver the solution that best meet operational requirements and budget.

A Total EW Package
As a mature product, the ALQ-213 product family comes with all necessary tools supporting all phases of the flight from planning, recording, training, and analysis for continuous optimization of the operational performance.  

Terma's management system is unique


To meet different levels of capabilities, two groups of controllers have been developed:

  • The EW Management Unit (EWMU) combined with the Tactical Data Unit (TDU)
  • The Defensive Aids Controller (DAC)

The EWMS is fielded on +2.000 aircraft all over the globe. Leading F-16 countries operate the system across their fleets of aircraft. The European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) have been driving the continuous development of the capabilities in the system which today include Embedded Training and Electronic Combat Adaptive Processing. The EWMS has been optimized with respect to size, functionality, and effectiveness at use.

The new and more powerful version of the EWMS will be introduced in two different configurations:

The ALQ-213 RMP: form-fit with the existing 213 but much more powerful and capable of meeting future requirements to interfaces, sensor fusion, and hosting of third-party subsystem software.

ALQ-213 MUP: same form-fit as the existing 213 but without manual interface panel. This version is designed to interface with glass cockpit and for installation outside the avionics bay.

The DAC represents an integration of subsystems into one box, i.e.:

  • the EW management system
  • recording capability
  • programmable interference blanking unit
  • provision for hosting of third-party printed circuit boards and software to allow for cost-effective upgrades over the total life of the aircraft
  • supporting interface to glass cockpit but can be operated using a dedicated remote control panel.