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Seamless delivery of reliable services

With a Terma Lifecare service agreement, you will obtain predictable maintenance budgets and cost-effective protection of your investment.

Terma Lifecare

Our radar solutions provides surveillance services to airports, wind farms, coast guards, seaports and owners of critical infrastructure. With Terma Lifecare, you ensure that your radar systems are fully operational and that your investment is protected.

Uninterrupted operation of critical surveillance systems is crucial for national security and the safety of people. Therefore, we offer Terma Lifecare, an industry leading service solution ensuring reliable delivery of key service elements such as Support, Field Services, Spare Parts Supply and Repair that all help manage the risk of system downtime.

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We provide an array of services for ground-based surveillance systems deployed at airports, seaports, coastal lines and more. Our services include:

Support from Experienced Professionals

Our Operations Center is operated by highly qualified service engineers possessing significant in-depth technical expertise and professional troubleshooting skills. This has its obvious benefits: The first responder is able to initiate root cause identification without the hazzle of escalation, tedious case transfer etc. The result is that in more than 80% of support cases, we resolve the reported issue the first time you contact us — without even going on-site.

Support is available through our online support system as well as phone and email. Correspondence regarding reported request and issues is logged and journalized for our joint convenience.

Field Services Without Worry

When you are in need of a field service visit, our service agreements guarantee prompt on-site assistance. A Terma Lifecare Service Level Agreement is your guarantee for the availability of top-shelf field service engineers.

As part of Terma Lifecare, you get access to:

  • More than 30 Terma service engineers averaging more than 25 years of experience
  • More than 20 Terma-certified service engineers available through certified Service Partners.

We are the experts when it comes to our own solutions, and with Terma Lifecare your warranty is maintained after our visit.

Short Delivery Times, Guaranteed

When you decide to join Terma Lifecare, you receive guaranteed delivery times for spare parts, repairs, and services. This guarantee provides customers with peace of mind; should an interruptible error occur on your solution, Terma sits stand-by to assist.

Spare part stockpiles for both commercial-off-the-shelf and Terma-produced parts are scaled to match Terma Lifecare customers support needs, identified by Terma Lifecare Service Level Agreements that are tailored to match each customers individual requirements with regards to lead times and service levels in general.

Repair or Part Exchange, whichever you prefer

At the Terma specialized repair facilities, specialists work with the sole purpose of bringing failing equipment back to full operational state, while ensuring that repairs are commenced in accordance with equipment specifications and standards.

For customers that are not interested in spending precious time waiting for repairs to complete, Terma offers to exchange defect parts with refurbished parts at the same cost and warranty conditions as standard repair, but with much faster turn-around-time. And with our top-level repair service, the defective part does not even have to be decommissioned from the operation system prior to customer receiving the exchange part.

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Digital Radar Services

Terma Connect

Imagine always being up to date with the current operational state of your SCANTER radar systems - even without being on-site. Terma Connect makes this possible.
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At Terma, we recognize the importance of continuous learning. Whether you are seeking in depth knowledge about our cutting edge radar products or looking to brush up on your existing skills, our training programs have you covered. Terma Customer Academy is your gateway to getting the most value from your radar systems.
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Why get a service agreement for your radar systems? Here are some of the benefits.

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Protection of Your Investment

At Terma, we are aware that our products involve significant investments for companies and institutions. Therefore, we also fully understand your prerequisite to get the most out of your investment. To help you maximize the value of your assets, we created Terma Lifecare.
Terma Service Engineers At Work At The Top Of A Radar Tower

Minimize Risk of Downtime

Providing standby service engineers is just one of the things we do to minimize your risk of system downtime. All Terma Lifecare clients are served with priority. Help is here when you need it — at guaranteed response, repair and delivery times.
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Obtain Reliable Budgeting

One element of Terma Lifecare that our clients greatly appreciate is the ability to create a reliable budget. This keeps stakeholders satisfied and saves our clients from all the paperwork that is typically associated with exceeding a maintenance budget.
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