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Maritime Mission System

Strengthens the operational capabilities of maritime forces.

Designed for tactical missions

Our C2 platform, C-Flex, offers a reliable in-service NATO proven Command and Control capability, developed and matured in close cooperation with the Royal Danish Navy. Our system is providing the operator with the best possible decision support while still being a cost-efficient solution. Our new generation of C-Flex is designed around three core themes that collectively simplifies the use of a modern maritime system:

Mission Support: Easy to comprehend overview of your mission, where only relevant information supporting your decisions are shown.

User Experience: Modern, intuitive user interface, with mission-oriented workflows showing tailored and relevant information.

Automation: Correlation of data from multiple sensors, also powered by artificial intelligence, supporting fast training and lean manning.

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"Modern naval C2 systems must break with the practice of making all information available at all times and begin presenting only the relevant intelligence in a user-friendly fashion "

Ole Mortensen

Senior Product Manager - C2 Product Management

Supporting naval systems

Watch our video to learn about how we support a broad range of Naval systems

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C-Flex Naval Combat Command and Control System
F362 PETER WILLEMOES ud for sjællands odde. Frigate Guy Toremans, BE

Hear from a customer

For more than 30 years, the Royal Danish Navy has used Terma as their primary supplier of many different naval solutions varying from radar and sensor systems to effective self-protection products and entire command and control systems (C2). We have asked Michael Bredsgaard Krogh about how he sees the partnership with Terma
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User Interface

Watch our video to learn about the principles behind the user interface to ease the usage of the system.

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Want to learn more?

If you have any questions about naval solutions, please get in touch with our expert.


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