Groundbased Radar In Norway, protected by Terma Scanter Radar


Our radar systems gives you small-target detection and bad-weather capabilities unlike any other solutions on the market.

Products & Solutions

 Coastal Surveillance, Bornholm, by Terma SCANTER Radar

Coastal Surveillance

With our Coastal Surveillance radars, your coastlines and the maritime domain clearly have the highest possible priority.

Port of Singapore, protected by Terma SCANTER Radar

Vessel Traffic Services

Our solutions are built to reduce both sea clutter and small target fluctuation, and thereby improve long-range detection.


Airport Surface Movement

See and track the airplane from it has landed to the time it’s safely parked and ready to unload.

Bahrain Airport

Primary Surveillance

Primary Surveillance Radar gives you superior coverage against low flying air targets.

Wind Farm, Tehachapi, California, United States

Aircraft Detection Lighting System

With an Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS), the strong lights on wind turbines are only active when a plane is near.

Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, protected by Terma SCANTER 4002 radar antenna

Wind Farm Radar Mitigation

Interturbine visibility, detection and tracking of small air targets – inside and around wind farms – becomes a reality.

8B Terma Naval SCANTER Surveillance Radar Royal Danish Navy

Naval Radar

Our SCANTER radars provide any naval platform with superior radar coverage and situational awareness at up to 96 nautical miles.