Space Segment

Terma has contributed to a wide range of European and international missions with high-end electronics and systems.

These comprise small satellites and instruments, Star Trackers, Power Distribution Units, Power Conditioning and Distribution Units, on-board software, and electrical ground support equipment including checkout systems.

(Image courtesy: ESA Medialab (VenusExpress)

Box Power Systems & Electronics Terma provides customized electronic systems for space missions as well as more standardized solutions. Terma T1 Star Tracker Star Trackers Star Trackers provided by Terma secure focus on fully autonomous attitude determination with high accuracy. Box On-Board Software Terma has provided on-board software for numerous missions and has solutions for on-board data handling and control as well as attitude orbit and control. (image courtesy: DSRI) Box Central Checkout Systems Checkout systems are used for the testing of spacecraft, payloads, and instruments and form the central part of any EGSE. (image courtesy: ESA)
SVF - box Software Validation Facilities Software Validation Facilities comprise facilities to examine software execution in its target processor environment. (image courtesy: ESA-D.DUCROS) Independent software validation - box Independent Software Validation Terma's expertise within software validations stems from many years of participation in joint European space projects. (image courtesy: ESA) Stamp overview STAMP A powerful data acquisition, presentation, and control system that has been used for thermal (vacuum) testing of spacecraft within ESA for almost 20 years. Flight Processor Emulators box Flight Processor Emulators Flight Processor Emulators are an essential part of satellite simulators – both for testing of flight software and at the heart of operational simulators. (Image courtesy: ESA)