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When Success is the only Option

For more than 45 years, we have built mission critical equipment for every conceivable type of satellite.

Satellite Equipment Built and Tested to Last

Through vigorous and diligent testing, we ensure that all satellite systems leaving our production facilities will withstand the harsh environment for which they are destined.

For more than three decades, we have been a trusted supplier of mission critical equipment for commercial, national and international space missions. We supply equipment and software for, e.g., Earth observation missions, Geo-stationary telecommunication missions and the International Space Station. Through the years, we have been actively collaborating with our clients, which have given us our far-reaching ability to exceed the industry standards of today.


We have delivered flight equipment for all ESA interplanetary and planetary missions, e.g., Rosetta, Solar Orbiter and Bepi Colombo.

High efficiency, low weight. Our power units have earned their credibility in crucial missions such as empowering a Mars rover for ESA.

Documented flight heritage. Find the perfect balance between new and proven technology, with high Technology Readiness Levels.

Cutting edge, yet mission proven, solutions

At Terma, we take pride in the missions we have accomplished. We know that the equipment we provide is critical to the entire mission of the satellite – no matter whether it is about to uncover the secrets of Mars or ensure a stronger TV-signal in Oklahoma.

Our aim is to provide the perfect balance between cutting edge and mission proven technology. We provide unique, customized equipment for each task – but always built on the most proven technology.

In the world of space ventures, we have already established ourselves as a trusted partner and supplier. As examples, our equipment is currently powering the BepiColombo satellite towards Mercury, we will provide a power unit for the next Mars Rover (the Sample Fetch Rover for ESA) and we have led the team that developed an instrument now installed on the International Space Station, registering lightning bolts in the outer atmosphere.

Independent Contractor for Space Segment

We are a privately owned company and fully independent from other players in the space business. This gives us the autonomy to be fully focused on our customer needs – this means you are assured to get the best possible equipment and service solution on the market.

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Best-in-class Quality Assurance

We perform all testing in-house and thus dramatically decreases your risk of technical issues during the many years of service you expect from your satellite.

At Terma, we are aware that if any component fails, you jeopardize the entire project. For this reason, we have instilled an array of diligent quality assurance processes, and ensure we have state-of-the-art testing facilities in place in-house at any time.

Timely delivery of Space Equipment

If implementation is delayed on one end, often times a bottleneck occurs, creating several other delays. At Terma, we are acutely aware of the responsibility that we carry for your space project to result in success.

Supplying hardware and software successfully for projects such as Venus Express and Mars Express, we have earned our status as a trusted partner in both producing and integrating space equipment.

Solutions and products for Space Segment

We design and manufacture a wide variety of trusted equipment, each with impressive flight heritage. Our flight software helps you control your spacecraft in a reliable manner and our checkout systems ensure you can test your spacecraft thoroughly and efficiently before launch.

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Power Systems

When Everything is Counting on Power, Count on us

Keep everything running with our electronic systems for space missions. Our systems involve both customized and more standardized solutions and build on more than three decades of experience.
Learn about Power Systems
Remote Terminal Unit Terma Space

Ensure Exceptional Performance with our Remote Terminal Units

Achieve unmatched flexibility with our Modular RTUs, adaptable for every interface type. Designed for distributed systems, they ensure seamless satellite integration, offering robust and efficient solutions for critical operations.
Lean about RTUS
Oneweb Satellite With Thruster
Central Checkout Systems

Supporting a Wide Range of Missions

Run an efficient testing program with our checkout systems for your spacecraft, payloads, and instruments. Our systems are built on 35 years of experience as a leading supplier.
Learn about Central Checkout systems
T1 Star Tracker W EU And Baffle 2
Star Trackers

4 Generations of Star Tracker Designs

Find the perfect balance between flight heritage and future ready solutions. With our array of star trackers, you can pick the solution that fits your needs the best.
Learn about Star Trackers
Mars Express - copyright ESA ESA - D. Ducros
Software Validation Facilities

Examine Software Execution in its Target Processor Environment

Debug flight software and analyze the performance to ensure the function of the software. This is an important process in avoiding problematic system behavior in a mission critical field. With our facilities, you can test the robustness of flight software without high expense or compromising safety.
Learn about Software validation
Artist's impression of ESA's PLATO spacecraft ESA
Flight Processor Emulators

Exercise your flight software in a simulated environment

Our processor emulator, TEMU, is used to run unmodified flight software in a simulated environment – including faster than real time. This is important for flight software validation facilities and operational simulators. TEMU has instruction-level emulation accuracy and supports a number of processors. The flight software for PLATO is developed using the Terma TEMU Emulator.
Learn about Emulators
Ariane 5 Lift Off ESA / CNES / ARIANE SPACE
On-Board Software

Manage on-board data processing cost-efficiently

Obtain advantages and functionalities such as Layering, Low Coupling, Adaptability and Scalability. On-Board Operations Support Software is our solution for mission-independent satellite data handling software.
Learn about On-Board Software

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Partners in On-Board Satellite Solutions

With more than 45 years of proven expertise, we are a most trusted partner within space segment solutions. Our partners include:


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