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We offer state-of-the-art electronics and software, developed by a team with a long track record of mission success.

Flight Hardware

Our state of the art products for Power Systems, Start Trackers and Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

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Power Systems

Keep everything running with our electronic systems for space missions.

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Star Trackers

Find the perfect balance between flight heritage and future ready solutions.

Remote Terminal Units Space Terma

Remote Terminal Units

Flexible and modular interface units for LEO, MEO, GEO and deep space satellites.

Flight Software

Our flight software products together with the tools you need to test and debug them.

Ariane 5 Lift Off ESA / CNES / ARIANE SPACE

Satellite Data Handling

On-Board Operations Support Software is our solution for mission-independent satellite data handling software.

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Software Validation Facilities

Debug flight software and analyze the performance to ensure the function of the software.

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Flight Processor Emulators

Our processor emulator is used to run unmodified flight software in a simulated environment – including faster than real time.

Ground Hardware

The industry’s most compact, versatile and comprehensive satellite power testing system

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Payload EGSE

The Payload EGSE allows the fully automated execution of calibrations and tests and it easily integrates with heterogeneous components from different providers and suppliers.

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The RF SCOE performs fully automated S-, X-, Ku- and Ka-bandmeasurements in the TT&C

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Power SCOE

Power SCOE is the reliable solution for powering, monitoring, and testingyour satellite’s power subsystem during assembly, integration and test aswell as on the launch pad just prior to lift-off.

Ground Software

The Terma Ground Segment Suite (TGSS) contains many software products for both spacecraft operations and satellite testing.

Bepicolombo In Low Earth Orbit ESA - ATG Medialab

Satellite Control Systems

Automated satellite operations for single satellites through to fleets and constellations.

Aeolus Separation ESA

Flight Dynamics

Our ORBIT Flight Dynamics package and TRACK for orbit visualization and satellite status also support automated operations.

Oneweb Satellite With Thruster (1)

Central Checkout systems

Run an efficient testing program with our checkout systems for your spacecraft, payloads, and instruments.

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Flight Processor Emulators

TEMU is used to run unmodified flight software – for flight software testing and operational simulators.

Bepi Colombo Electrical Stack Configuration

Test and Simulation

The CCS5 and TSC products allow you to control and test your spacecraft and subsystems.

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Ground Segment Suite

We provide an array of advanced products and solutions for the space and ground segment, including managing, monitoring and controlling satellites.